Sibelius Academy both actively develops its own core functions and participates in collaborative projects aimed at development and innovation. As a result, new forms of and content for artistic activity, research, and education are being created.

Development of education

In the development of education, the reaction to new initiatives leading to the creation of the University of Art Helsinki and to synergistic opportunities in education is important. This is supported by the reform of the educational structure, and as a result, bachelor- and master-level studies at Sibelius Academy have been organised based on programmes since 1 January 2012. Further information about the reform of the educational structure can be found on the Projects page.

Also ongoing is the development of the overall influence, comprehensiveness, and usability of educational feedback methods.

Pedagogical development

The purpose of the ‘Pedagoginen ajattelu Sibelius-Akatemiassa’ research project is to survey pedagogical thinking at the Sibelius Academy, to identify key areas and problems related to pedagogical thinking and development work, and to analyse the special features and common interests of instrument pedagogy and music teaching at the comprehensive school level. Further information about this project can be found on the Projects page.

Continuing education

Continuing education at the Sibelius Academy is a customer-centred and innovative producer and developer of continuing education services for music. Continuing education offers development, educational, and research services for professionals, companies, and organisations in the fields of music, culture, and education. Further information about continuing education projects can be found on the Continuing Education pages.

Doctoral education

Doctoral education has switched to the model of two doctoral schools. The Doctoral Academy acts as the virtual cooperative body, and one of its key functions is to develop and coordinate doctoral teaching on an operational level. New opportunities for the development and organisation of doctoral education is offered by the soon-to-be-established University of Arts Helsinki and the improved cooperation it will bring to the doctoral education of the three academies.


An internal comparative assessment of research is currently underway, and based on its results, it will be possible to prepare new development plans for research at Sibelius Academy. The Sibelius Academy research policy plan, among other things, will also be updated.